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Blood Rituals: A Cait Reagan Novel (Audio Book Release)

It's finished. Finally. I'm so excited. The Audiobook for Blood Rituals: A Cait Reagan Novel, Edited by Emma Christina Smailes and Narrated by Abby Craden will be available for purchase on June 20th, 2023, wherever audiobooks are sold.

Boston Homicide Detective, Caitlin Reagan, walks a razor's edge, propping up her life on emotional constructs designed to help her manage grueling PTSD. She keeps her mother, boyfriend, and work separated and controlled, all in service to one horrible, tragic act she committed amid the Iraq war.

But when the murder of a charity worker brings her face to face with the beautiful and charismatic philanthropist, Marcella Carson, Cait is unable to deny the attraction and finds everything she thought she knew about her world, her life, and her very identity called into question as Marcella draws Cait into her dark world.

Sliding inexorably into an unsuspected Boston subculture, where creatures of myth and nightmare struggle to survive in a world of fading magic and proliferating public surveillance, Cait must face down her inner demons, rediscover her lost past, and catch an undead serial killer.

In Blood Rituals, we explore a dark urban fantasy world through the eyes of a woman struggling to come to terms with Post Traumatic Stress, personal trust issues, and the belated realization that she is a lesbian. On the way, we meet a colorful cast of characters, from a Latino cowboy cop with a love of country music to a ruthless vampire assassin and a retired serpent goddess with a passion for science.

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