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Cait Reagan's Hotbutton Bolognese

Ladies, it is time for us to speak of an important issue. The official recipe for Cait's Bolognese Sauce (hush Cabler). A couple of folks have asked what made Marcella so happy with Cait's Bolognese sauce after fifteen hundred years. Well, simply put, a professional Chef at a now-closed restaurant in Boston called Grassona's gave Cait's mother, Róisín, the recipe. And it's super tasty.

It's called Hot-button Bolognese because my friend Danni, who is an Italian-American, and I argued over the use of Carrots and Celery in the dish. It was a stupid thing to argue over, but I get a little sensitive about my cooking--like way sensitive. It is, after all, my language of love.

Grassona's was, in fact, a real restaurant. It did close a few years ago, much to my disappointment. However, I was able to salvage the recipe from the chef there before they retired. Shortly before they closed, I asked, and the chef, Phil Dwyer, snatched out his recipe and photocopied it for me. And this is it (vegetables optional, of course. ::smirk::)

Grassona's Italian Bolognese

1lb GGround Veal

1lb Ground Beef

1lb Ground Pork

1 Large Onion (I use Red Onions)

2 Large Carrots

2 Ribs of Celery

1/4 c Garlic Cloves (Peeled)

1/8 c Calabrian Chili

1/2 tbsp Dry Red Wine

4 oz. Demi Glace

20 oz. Whole Milk

1 c Beef Stock

1 tbsp Coriander (Ground)

1 tbsp Fennel Seed (Ground)

1 tbsp Cumin (Ground)

Grind or finely mince vegetables, including garlic and chilis.

Sear meat in a wide flat-bottom pan till brown with a neutral oil

Add ground vegetables, oregano, and other spices. Continue to cook until the pan is almost dry.

Add Milk Demi-glace, and stock

Reduce heat to medium-low and cook for at least 1 hour (I cook for a minimum of 2), stirring frequently.

Remember this scene from Blood Rituals?

“Interesting.” She set her fork down and just watched me with a hungry expression. “And what happened in this ‘dream?’” 

“Well, we were in my apartment, sort of, and you came to me, and well, it was very gothic.” 

“Gothic?” She leaned her chin onto her hand, eyes intent. “Do tell.” 

“You were in a very sexy dress, and you, well, seduced me.” God, I feel like a teenager. “Then you were a vampire and drinking my blood. It was extremely sensual.” I shivered slightly at the memory. My face was on fire, and I hid my mouth behind my limp wrist to cover a creeping smile. 

She sipped her wine, letting the glass dangle from her long delicate fingers. “Well, then, I hope you have more sweet dreams. Would you like more?” 

I spat into my wine glass. “I’m sorry?” 

Marcella snorted a laugh, “Would you like more food?” She stood and leaned close to my face. “Unless, of course, you’d rather something else.” She picked a morsel of meat from my plate and placed it on her tongue suggestively, pulling it into her mouth.

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