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Confronting Sexual Assault in the US Military

Let me caution that this is a Blog Post about sexual assault in the US Military.

First and foremost, I want to point out that I don't make this post lightly, but clearly, it needs to be made.

I was confronted by someone recently about my portrayal of sexual assault in the military in one of my books. I was told it was unrealistic, that the military investigates every case. With absolute certainty, I can say that this is categorically false. Not every case is investigated. Worse than that, many women who do report assault are drummed out of the military through relentless retaliation.

Before writing Blood Rituals, I debated whether or not to include this particular element in the story. I knew that for some, it would be triggering. But it wasn't just some character backstory element, it was an essential piece of the story itself. In addition, I had personal reasons for including it, for which I won't apologize. I have done my utmost to carefully portray the subject with as much truth and clarity as possible.

I have had my own experience with sexual assault, and I do know women who have been assaulted at the hands of fellow soldiers and/or commanding officers. What I wrote was from the heart and was an amalgamation of my own perspective as well as some key details provided by others. In the end, what should be noted is that there were 6500 sexual assaults reported in the US Military in 2020. Of those, largely against women, only 50 resulted in convictions. And that's just those that were reported and brought to trial. Most of these reported assaults never reached JAG, dying somewhere in the chain of command.

So, for those who think I wasn't realistic in my writing of what happened, you would be mistaken. YouTube is full of videos of women telling their stories. You don't even have to look very hard.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault. I urge you to get help. There are various groups who will assist you.

National Sexual Assault Hotline

Hours: Available 24 hours Learn more


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1 commentaire

28 juil. 2023

You make an excellent point about what happens to women in the military (and men). when I was in the army undergoing basic training, our drill sgts told us not to go anywhere on post, after dark, in groups of less than 10. This was Ft. Jackson, south Carolina In 1977. i can’t believe it finally happened - today Pres. Joe Biden signed into law a bill requiring all sexual assault cases be investigated outside the chain of command. That might help a little. 🙄

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