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A Few Announcements

So, first and foremost, my third novel, Green Rath, drops tomorrow!!! I'm so excited. I've gotten a lot of pre-orders, and I'm thrilled with the response from my early readers.

For those who have read Black Mirror, I have a bit of a treat. There are mentions of two characters from another world that have found their way to Earth. For the next few months, I will be dropping some draft manuscript material about who Déra and Umbrá are and how they came to find themselves among us.

Soon! There will be another giveaway for subscribers. I will be providing two signed copies of Green Rath for a couple of lucky people. In addition, I have two copies of Black Mirror to give away as well! I also have a small canvas poster from the release of Black Mirror that I will be signing and giving away.

Last but not least! My books are now available for purchase in paperback on the Carson Press LLC website.

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