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Is America in Serious Trouble?

The answer is a resounding NO. It seems that way because there are very loud voices right now that are creating waves and friction. The attacks we've seen on LGBTQ+ and People of Color, Primarily in poor majority rural states, will pass. Every movement of this type has a backlash. The more ambitious the movement, the more powerful the backlash. We have all been 'shock and awed' by the four years of Trump and it's aftermath that has, albeit briefly, given voice to some very unsavory people in our society. But this won't last. Why? Because we didn't come this far, fight this hard, and sacrifice this much to sit by the wayside while a small minority of this country tries to roll back the clock to the 1700s. Those bigots who want us all to be quiet or disappear are freaking out because they've already lost, and they don't even know how it happened. Keep being who you are!

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